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Janet...thank you for being there and being who you are and doing what you do. You are simply the best!!!

Don't know why but I only discovered you some months ago. Been chasing everything you've ever done since. Got some scenes from places like brazzers and naughty america, but I want more, can't get enough. You are a true class act.

You are obviously very beautiful. Fantastic face (those eyes), your hair is so sexy and that killer body. Wow! But that is not it. There are some other sexy ladies out there. What sets you apart is the sheer intensity of your sexuality and the way you are so totally into your scenes. It seems so natural to you. The way you come across oozes sex and a sense of pride in who you are, your body and what you do. That pride makes all the diference.

Just love you for what you do to me.

Love and kisses from a far away fan,


Dear Janet,

Your site is the hottest and best interracial site out there. I am a white man who loves to see white women being fucked by black studs. All the pro porn movies about the subject (and most of the amateur ones) are so wham-bam fake thanks ma'am. I always wanted to direct an interracial movie and do it right but you have captured what I had in mind. I cant make thru 15 seconds of you merely kissing and foreplay with your young hung black overs before I blow a load. If I made a movie, it would done like you make them. I think it is the honest passion you bring to the movie. You really love those big black dicks and it shows. You make the perfect movies. You know how to perform in that you point your toes when on your back. That's fricking sexy !! Keep up the good work !!


Dear Steve/Janet,

I've been the unfortunate recipient of some really crappy DVDs made from poor-quality tape sources from some other sites. Yours, on the other hand, are first-rate, Hollywood quality and they look 1st generation master...unlike the others that look like 50th generation. Anyone considering purchasing one of your videos should just do it and forget the others!

Mr. Walt Stagner
Owner/President, Classic Pumps

Steve & Janet,

As you know I've been trying to get my wife to "go black" for over 2 years now. She was always resistant but finally was willing to look at adult web sites and videos with me. But she was never really truly interested in any site she saw until I showed her your site, because she says she could relate to you. You look just like the same type of "soccer mom" she is, you both take great care of your bodies and you are both very feminine. So when she saw a woman who is a lot like her taking big black cock and obviously loving it (unlike most pros with their fake moans and exaggerated facial expressions), she was suddenly much more open to the idea of actually trying it. Soon we were both cruising your members area together, not me forcing her anymore. And that was the turning point! To make a long story short, in a few months we went from fantasizing about her taking big black cock in bed to actually doing it...we just had our first meeting with a well-hung black guy this weekend and she loved it. You should have seen her...she was an animal! Just as I knew she would be. And she says she's looking forward to doing it again with him and other guys, too. So the bottom line of this note is to say "thank you" from the both of us. Your site and videos changed my wife from "curious" to "eager for more". Thanks!

Gary and Roz

Dear Janet & Steve,

Over the past couple of months I've purchased seven of your videos, JV-007: "College Cock, Vol. 3 - Reunion With Mr. Big," JV-026: "Janet Meets The DFW Knight," JV-029: "College Cock, Vol. 7 - Mr. Big's Graduation Present," JV-033: "Reunion With The DFW Knight," JV-040: "Big Cock Chronicles, Vol. 1: Introducing Curtis," JV-042: "Vacation Fornication, Vol. 1: Vic Goes All The Way" (my personal favorite), & JV-043: "Chippen-Fucked: Janet Meets Stallion." I just wanted to tell how much I enjoyed these videos, & why.

First, of course, is Janet. She's sexy as hell, an amateur who is a cut above most professional porn stars. That being said, I'm glad she's NOT a professional, because that's what makes her so sexy. These videos are so real. Before this, I hadn't been too familiar with amatuer porn videos, but now I definately see the appeal. We skip the inane "acting" & phoney dialoge & get right to the sex. And because they all choose to be in the videos together, as opposed to being hired by some director, you can tell that Janet & her partners really enjoy the sex. When they change positions, or kiss during the sex, it really looks like just their natural impulses, not because some director is behind the camera telling them it's time to do this or that. Even the fact that, unlike professional videos, there's no music playing in the background makes the sex hotter. I mean, it really looks like you're just watching two people have sex, not watching a movie. It's great! And I especially love that most of the videos involve so-called "creampie" finishes. I'd never seen that before on film, but it's definately hot. Again, it looks more real than the standard "pull out & jerk off on the girls face or tits" that I'm used to seeing in professional films. Really, how often do guys do that in real life? So I love seeing that.

And let me compliment Steve on his camera work. He always seems to instinctively know when to switch angles & what to focus on & when. Good work, man. And even when he does make little comments during the filming, it's never instrusive or distracting from the sex. So keep it up.

Also, my compliments to the set-up of your website. First off, the video previews. Most sites like this will have little 15-30 second clips, maybe 1 whole minute if you're lucky, but you guys put up 2, 2 1/2, to 3 minute clips. That's smart. You're able to see just enough to make you want to see the whole thing. I started off just lurking & watching the clips for a week or so, then I just had to go and order a whole tape. And the ordering section is great, too, because Janet describes exactly what happens in each video from start to finish. Plus, there's plenty of pictures from each tape, so it's easy to pick out which videos you want to get at the time.

Anyway, just wanted to reiterate how much I enjoyed your product & hopefully, in few months, I'll be able to buy a few more videos. I expect to have most of your catologe by the time I'm done. Best wishes to you both.

J. R. LeMar

Dear Steve & Janet,

I'm sure you and Janet are very busy but I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for such a wonderful website and excellent video material. By far the work that you and Janet do is the best I have ever seen. I have been following the two of you via your web sites and videos for 2 or 3 years now. Even my wife, who has never liked x-rated videos that much, loves Janet. She has seen a number of videos with Janet's playmates. I would have to say there are many things about Janet that I love but what we both agree on is Janet's obvious sincere appreciation and enjoyment of what she is doing. You can tell she is really having a wonderful time. You can see her growth from her first videos where she appeared enthusiastic but a bit quiet to a real opening up vocally and genuine appreciation of her black lovers in the later ones. I love being able to hear her talk to her partners and see they treat her with obvious affection. In a nutshell Janet makes a fantasy become reality in a world where most everybody else is just faking it. Along with your very good photography work you both are worlds apart from anything else we've seen. Keep up the good work and above all have lots of fun!


Dear Janet,

I just received my first DVD from you (JV-040, Big Cock Chronicles, Vol. 1: Introducing Curtis) , and I needed to comment on it. WOW!! My jaw is still on the floor after seeing this video. I am amazed at Curtis' prowess and of course size. The one thing that stunned me was when he mounted you missionary style and then flipped himself over so he was facing away from you while he fucked you. Thank you for letting me and others like myself see these videos and to be able to realize our fantasies as much as possible. I certainly will order again!



Your videos are the bomb! I had tried for 6 years with my girlfriend Holly to get to try black guys with me present, but to no avail. I had purchased some of your combo tapes of interracial sex and after watching them myself, I had to put them on for her to see how a white lady can enjoy the pleasures of of taboo interracial sex. At first she wasn't interested, but managed to sit through a couple of scenes with you and Mr. Big. A few months went by after that and then she suddenly brought up the subject with me one day. That night she finally watched a whole tape and was convinced that it wasn't just an "act" by you, that you were actually getting off bigtime on the sex and enjoying yourself. Having your husband present and encouraging you to let go was a big plus, too.

From that day on she became receptive to the idea of trying it it out for ourselves. It took awhile but it finally happened. The rest is history, and now she is a total freak for it, and like you she loves them "big" too. She is tiny and petite and only 5' tall with a 36c 23 36 frame with auburn hair and green eyes. The guys enjoy it, but I know Holly enjoys it even more. I have never seen her get off like that with me and I enjoy watching her. Who knows what next, it has been my biggest fantasy ever and I just wanted to say THANKS for your help and your great videos!

Don & Holly

Hi Janet,

I just received your latest DVD the other day (JV-037, your 36th Birthday Gang Bang). It's the 10th video I have purchased from you over the past few years and I must say, it is one of the hottest adult videos I have ever seen yet!!!! You are just incredible in that gang bang!!! You were fucking and sucking those guys for well over an hour...they really pounded that sweet pussy of yours...and you must have cum a dozen times!!!! You have one of the most incredible bodies I have ever seen!!! WOW! You just get better and sexier with each year, and you look far younger than 36! (Happy belated birthday by the way...)

I hope you plan on making a lot more gang bang videos...I know I will want to buy them all. You are hotter than any porn star I have ever seen perform, either amateur or pro. And the part that is the biggest turn on is not only your sexy body and cute face, but that you would just be the "mom next door" if you and Steve didn't have this life style! (Honestly, though, my neighbors don't come even close to looking like you! LOL)

Keep up the great work, I am really enjoying being a member of your site!!! I can't wait to see what you do for your next video!!! MMMMMMM Take care sexy, you are the best!!!! Steve is one lucky guy!!!


Hello Janet,

As you know I have been a fan of your website even before came to fruition and of course I have almost all of your videos and new dvds. In my opinion your latest one, JV-036, is the best one yet. Talk about getting down and nasty!! Your body is a work of art and the sex scenes are very hot. Your scenes are also very, very NASTY!! Everything from anal probing to come shots with two different guys, several orgasms and a lot of hot action. I have had a hard time getting away from the monitor! Thanks to you for getting even better and to Steve for getting the great shots and angles.


Dear Janet,

Oh baby, baby, baby, I have bags under my eyes, I'm all pooped out and I probably have a permenant hard on as a result of the DVD (JV-032 - Threesomes, Vol. 2: Mr. Big & Lex). Baby, I got it home last night, watched it, over and over and over again. I had no idea...I apologize for not giving you the full credit that you deserve. I thought you were just a "foot tease", but I can see clearly now that you are one totally awesome, sexually charged, extremely beautiful, sexy..... (I can't even describe it). You know, I had always loved your toes, your legs and your face, but to see how you enjoy more than teasing, but also pleasing, I'm in awe!

The performance in the video that I got has left me speechless. The way the guys started out with (in essence) worshiping your body, caressing you from head to toe, rubbing you. WOW. The way you serviced their cocks with your mouth. The way you lifted up your hips to meet their tongues as they serviced your pussy. The way you lifted up your ass to meet their tongues, while you serviced the other guy. The way your pussy held each cock as they worked you hard and deep. I loved how (I think it was Lex) just didn't want to not be doing something. He just seemed to want his cock in you some how some way. He was constantly looking for an opportunity to insert his cock in you. Mr. Big was just perfect as well. I know I would have been like Lex. I loved how they marvelled at you when you took your clothes off. How they just until the very end wanted to pleasure you. They took your toes in their mouthes, sucked them so well and ....

There is just so much. That video is totally awesome. And then at the end to have the previews. I believe I must have wrote down at least another 5 videos that I have to have. I just have to figure out which is next.

You do so much that I enjoy. I love how you enjoy having your feet worshipped. And then to top it off, you have the cutiest toes I have ever seen. I would love to just have them wiggle in my mouth. And then you serviced the guys cocks like you were an professional. You totally just worked those cocks with your mouth and you looked happy to do it. Then to take those guys and get fucked by them hard and fast. Baby, that DVD is awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I think it will be another late night for me tonight because I'm going to be watching my second DVD, over again, and again and again.

Thanks so much for the DVD and I look forward to my next video. I have to get another one soon. Thanks again. It was funny when you thanked the guys in the video and they were like no, thank YOU! Well I thank all of you because that was one hell of a video that I know I will watch over and over and over. I just hope I don't wear it out.


Janet & Steve,

I've been a member since last year, have most of your videos, and yet I have never felt compelled to correspond with you until now. Simply put, I think your new video, JV-035, is by far the best thing you've done, and that's saying something! I know over a year ago, you said you were going to do DVD's , but after no news on that front for a while, I thought maybe you had changed your minds - but I'm glad you didn't. One has to keep in mind that doing something like setting up the process for making the DVD's takes time! I have a pretty good DVD collection (relatively few adult, though), and I can tell you that the picture and sound quality of your DVD is every bit as good as any "professional" home video version that I've ever seen. I guess I'll be getting rid of all my tapes in the next year or so. Excellent camara work, Steve!

As for you, Janet, what can I say - you looked absolutely stunning - your hair looked great, and that outfit was fantastic - I didn't realize I liked you in black pumps with the high heels (or whatever they were - perhaps I should have paid more attention to your other site a little more) black looks very good on you - maybe the next hardcore video you do (and I hope it's real soon), you can wear some variation on that same theme (don't I wish). It's also so much fun to watch a woman who is really into the moment because it's something that she wants to do, as opposed to just going through the motions for money...I can honestly say that, as long as you two are putting out stuff as hot as JV-035, I'll be a member for quite a while... I really appreciate the time and effort that you've put into your site, because it's very well done. I know you guys are busy, and I don't expect a reply from you concerning this E-mail, but I just wanted the two of you to know that I really enjoyed it, and hope to see some more of this kind of action in the not too distant future!


Dear Janet and Steve,

I joined your site last week and have visited it EVERY DAY since then. I was worried about my wife finding out but at the same time I was so turned on by your no-bullshit appraoach and your "totally real" pics and video clips that I was a lot less careless than I planned to be. And sure enough, last night I got busted. She found me in our den at 2:00 AM with your site on my monitor and my dick in my hand! I was embarrassed and shocked and figured she would be very upset...but she wasn't! Instead, she was curious. Apparently she'd been standing by the door, watching me for a few minutes. "You like watching white women having sex with black men?", she asked. I confessed that yes, I did. She sat down with me and watched the video clip I was jerking away of those with you and Mr. Big, with his HUGE cock making you moan and sweat and scream in pleasure. She then told me that her best friend at work had recently started fucking a black guy with a huge cock and that she always came in saying how the sex was "unreal". Well, that led to more talk for a couple hours and sure enough, I finally admitted to her that I fantasized mostly about HER having sex with well-hung black men. She was surprised, but visibly excited, and we fucked right there on the floor while talking about it!

I have no idea where this might lead, but one thing is for sure, and that is that the "door has been opened", so to speak, and that's a big step in the right direction! I plan to make sure that I wait until she is home and the kids are asleep to view your site so we can do it TOGETHER from now on. If she ends up going black, it's going to be becauase of you and your site, Janet. She says you're "very pretty" and that appeals to her because she expected only hard-bitten, burned-out hags to do this kind of thing. Between you and her girlfriend at work, you're showing her that sexy, feminine upscale women crave and indulge in big black cock too! Thanks, Janet, you're the best.


Hi Janet,

Thank you for sending out my order so quickly. I ordered JV-029, and got it in the mail just a few days later. Fantastic! Thank you for doing what you do and for making us men very happy. Thank you for being brave and enthusiastic and running a very professional business. it's nice to deal with a company you can count on. So for these (and many other reasons), THANK YOU JANET!

I was so pleased to get my order so fast and also pleased that the tape was of great quality. I can't afford to buy many tapes (I'm far from being a rich man) so it's very important that the tapes I do buy are worth the money I spend. Yours are. Now I'm saving up for JV025 (Bodybuilder Cock, Vol. 3) because I bet you look gorgeous in that light blue sun dress. Thanks again, Janet!


Steve & Janet,

I just wanted to send you a thank you note for allowing me to venture into your world. I know that there are other black men like myself and white as well who love not only the camera angles which capture you and your lovers enjoying yourselves, but the sound quality of your videos which allow us to hear the slapping sound of flesh to flesh and the sounds of pleasure you vocalize when they hit the right spots. I feel as though I was there going deep. I admit it, I always spank the monkey when I hear and see you climax.

Thank you again, until I can find a woman who can spread her legs and respond the way you do. Your figure is perfectly formed to show what photographing a woman in action is like. I appreciate how you can spread your legs giving that "OK, Let's go deep" look or "I'm ready, Let's work"


Janet & Steve,

I have just received my first tape from you, JV-008, today. I felt like a little kid opening up a well expected Christmas present that he had been longing for. I was not disappointed. It was like your video samples and more. With cock in hand, I passed out with a smile on my face.

I have to thank you and your husband for hitting the right spot with me. I love to see a beautiful woman's body move when she is enjoying what she likes. To see those ripples in your stomach muscles as you seem to get into it and your facial expressions that seem to go blank makes me feel that you are truly getting off. Thank you!

Thank you, Steve, for your great camera angles. Staying focused on your wife's body movements and facial expressions the way you do makes the art of fucking worth watching. You find that a lot of other x-rated movies stay focused only on the dick sliding in and out. That's fine, but it's more exciting to see how the female is reacting to the action, too, and you do that.

Thanks again Steve and Janet for sharing, I'm looking forward to more and making future purchases.

A Big Fan,


I just received your fantastic Bukkake video and I have to say that, for me, this is your hottest one yet! I know you have heard this a million times but you are one sexy woman, and your husband is a very lucky man. I love seeing you get load after load splattered all over your face, and I especially love to see how much you truly enjoy sperm. It didn't take long for me to launch a hot load all over my chest sitting there watching you suck off all 10 of those lucky guys. Keep up the terrific work.

I hope you plan to do more videos in the bukkake style, maybe with even more men, and more come!!

A very, very satisfied customer..and a devoted fan!


I recently joined your new site and have to tell you and Steve that I enjoy it very much, as I did your previous site that it has replaced. I also recently purchased a video from you for the first time (JV-029, Mr. Big's Graduation Present. I must say that it kept me on the edge of my seat and it has been played numerous times already. I want to say thanks to you and Steve for creating a product that is well worth purchasing. Most of all thank you for sharing your body and feelings with me your fan. I am a true fan of your work.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet & Steve,

First, let me thank you for being one of the very few women on the web I've seen (in over 6 years of surfing adult web sites) who is really, truly VERY attractive without that "burned out bar slut" look, bruises, tattoos or bad skin and who does NOT fake anything. Your policy of only doing things on camera that you are truly into and only with guys you are attracted to is a good one, it keeps things very real.

Second, let me thank you for NOT pulling the usual trick that many sites pull of posting photos that feature 4, 5 or 6 pics of almost the exact same thing. You know what I mean - "Here's my's my ass 2 seconds later, and here's my ass 3 seconds after that!" A lot of other sites pull that crap. You don't.

Third, let me thank for for making your newer photos far larger and of higher image quality than many other sites, who use either small photos and/or ones that are too highly compressed and which look crummy. Also, Steve's photo composition is heads and tails above that of most other amateurs, who often cut off heads and feet and other body parts, or who can't seem to understand what the word "focus" means.

Fourth, let me thank you for your honesty. Any woman with a web site that would be as frank and bluntly honest as you are in your FAQ and About Me pages about how picky you are about men, and who openly says that you do NOT just sleep with any guy, and that you don't promise members that they get to fuck you, is obviously a totally honest person. Many sites lie and lead us guys in by saying that if only we join their site, "maybe" we can meet the don't make such ridiculous promises, and that shows respect on your part for me and your other members.

Fifth, let me thank you for not making videos that do NOT use the common and deceitful tricks of splicing in scenes from other videos, or that intersperse the action with scenes that have already happened in the same video. When you say your videos are real and uninterrupted action, you MEAN it, and that's a rare thing! Plus, all your moans and orgasms are obviously very real and not faked or exaggerated, which is NOT something we can say for most other girls who seem to think no one can tell. My wife says you're the ONLY one she's seen who doesn't fake orgasms or pleasure, and you can't fool a fellow woman, right? We've bought 21 of your videos since 1999, and they are still our favorites out of our collection of about 200 tapes collected over 15 years.

I have been a member of Janet Exposed since you opened on April 3rd and I can honestly say that I doubt that I'll ever join another girl's web site again. For a new site you are doing a FANTASTIC job of building it up and I really look forward to what you will give us in the future, too.

This is my testimonial and you have me permission to post it on your site. Again, THANK YOU. You're the best!

H. K.

Dear Janet,

I am a member of both of your web sites and I wanted to share with you my opinion of them. Both sites are extremely clean (appearance wise), easy to use and the cancellation process is devised in a way that is quite simple to use. Too many 'adult oriented' sites on the web are truly sleazy - they commonly make canceling a membership extremely difficult, with unwanted various sex-site pop-ups along the way a common occurrence. No way to keep customers returning for sure! It's clear that you are bucking this trend by doing the opposite for your members.

You and Steve have a class operation and you truly KNOW how to treat your customers in a respectful and kind manner that is sadly too often NOT the case in all types of business today. The display of common courtesy and truly caring about their customer for American business in general in the past few years seems to be on a downhill slide. Not good for us all!

With your present caring style you both deserve MUCH financial and personal success!

All best wishes Janet and Steve and thanks again for you offer a two-site discount!


Hi Janet,

I received your JV-031 video, and have already watched it TWICE today!!!! Your meeting with Justin Slayer was incredibly sexy!!!! It is one of your hottest videos yet!!!! He really fucked you hard, I was horny instantly!!!! Then when he fucked you in the ass, I couldn't hold back any longer!!!! WOW!!! You are one sexy woman, one of the hottest I have ever seen...

This is the 3rd video I have purchased from you, and there will be many more!!!! You are so cute and sexy, and watching you gets me going every time!!!! I wish you lived next door to me... I must say I don't have any hot women like you in my neighborhood!!!! Keep up the great work, and I look forward to future video releases!!!! I will definitely be purchasing more from you!!!!

Take care Janet, you are the best!!!!

B. ( a very satisfied customer)

Janet & Steve,

GREAT!! GREAT!!! GREAT!!! The 3 videos we ordered arrived last Friday, so my wife and I took two of them with us to our mountain cabin for the weekend. A snowy and sleety Saturday made for sitting back and watching "First Time With Damon" (JV-020) and "Cum Crazed, Vol. 1" (JV-023). They are SUPER!! And Steve, what GREAT video work!!

Janet, you make it so enjoyable - you're beautiful and fun to watch...your infectious laughing, talking and interaction with the guys is terrific. And Steve - your "behind the camera" comments really make these videos stand apart from other amateur or pro videos! Oh yes...and what a cum shot from Damon in JV-020, the tit-fucking video!

Again, superb work!
D. & M.

Hi Janet,

Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed your video "Janet Meets The DFW Knight"! You and that Knight fellow really put on a great performance. That was some of the most incredible love making that I have ever seen! With all of the respect that I can muster I must say that you are beautiful as a person and you have a pussy that I admire to the uttermost. My hat goes off to your husband for allowing you to express yourself in such a manner, as well as share yourself for the rest of the viewing public. I've been a porn lover for years, but this is the first time that ever paused the picture to lick the screen at the sight of a pussy like yours. I'm still basking in the after glow of watching you and Mr. Knight. My dick has not gone down yet! My wife thinks that I'm on Viagra. I ate her pussy for over an hour, then we fucked like minks! Please keep up the good work!

One of your newest fans,


I want to thank you and compliment you on both your service & your videos. I ordered the tape "Janet Meets The DFW Knight" (JV-026) on a Saturday morning, and it arrived Tuesday. I couldn't believe how fast!

Now for the content. I am not a real aficionado of most adult videos, but I have some African blood in my lineage and I do occasionally enjoy watching interracial videos. But all the available items for rent on the commercial market are SO bad. They have nothing to do with eroticism. Quite frankly, to me they are about as sexy as an open grave.

Well, when I viewed your tape, my fantasy came true. This video was so sexy and erotic and beautifully photographed, and I did not feel like I got ripped off by some perverse antics that some producers call "sex". Some of them think that stuffing orifices is all that sex is about, and continual close-ups that in the end remind me of ninth grade biology films. Yours was a truly arousing video. Thank you...I WILL buy more!


Hi Janet,

Just a short note to say thank you Janet for helping me get my wife to try black cock. I tried talking her into it for years, with no luck. Then I ordered several of your videos and started playing them (with her approval). The more I played them, the more I could see her interest growing!! She would get SSSSOOOOOOOOO hot watching them that she basically would attack me half way through the video! As we are on the floor in front of the TV, I'm pounding away at her sweet pussy and her eyes are glued to the TV! FINALLY, she said to me "GOD baby, find me a black cock like that one and I'll do my best to out do Janet!"

That's all it took, now 2 months later, she is TOTALLY addicted to black cock! She's had 5 different black cocks to service and looking for more! She now believes me when I say .... "EVERY white woman IS sucking and fucking black cock, or secretly wishes they were."

Keep up the GREAT work!


Dear Janet and Steve,

Wow! I received your first Interracial Combo Tape (JV-IR01) yesterday and I was up until 5 AM watching it over and over. I loved it! I will never look at professional porn stars the same way again - they can't hold a candle to what you've created.

First of all, I want to thank you for leaving out the usual cheesy soundtrack stuff. When I watch two (or three) people fuck, I want to hear them fuck. By the way Janet, you make the sexiest noises when Mr. Big is really letting you have it. I couldn't get enough of it!

Second, everyone in mainstream video has this "blank" look on their face, like they really couldn't care less. You on the other hand, are a grunting, squealing, rolling-your-eyes fucking machine. And the look on Mr. Big's face when he saw your goodies for the first time - priceless!

The word "amateur" comes from the Latin word for "love" - an amateur does it because he or she loves to do it, but a professional does it only to get paid. So, please accept my highest compliments when I say that you and Steve are true amateurs, and Bravo for what you've accomplished! I can't wait until I can order another video from your catalog - this time, I am going to let you fulfill all my high-heel fantasies...


Dear Janet,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I recently purchased your video "JV-004, College Cock Vol. 2- Mr. Big Cums Again". This is without a doubt the hottest porn video I've ever seen.

I've been married for 25 years and I have been trying to talk my wife into having sex with another man for almost that entire time. My wife is a typical 'soccer mom' like you. She's very active in our two kids school, goes to church every week and drives a minivan. She's 43 yrs. old, 5'7", 140lbs. with shoulder length brown hair. After recently watching your video together, I asked her again, fully expecting the same old response. Much to my shock and delight she said she'd consider it now...but only if we could arrange for it to be with a black guy! I almost fell off the couch!

Well, last weekend it finally happened! We found a suitable black guy through a local adult newspaper and met him at a motel. We were both a little nervous when we saw the size of his cock, which was very large. She couldn't take her eyes off of it. I wondered if she would be able to handle it - but she did!

She sucked and fucked this big, black stud for over three hours. She was in positions we had never tried in 25 years of marriage! I heard sounds coming out of her that I had never heard her make before. She took multiple facials, which she rarely allowed me to do, and even did anal! The next morning she asked me if we could set up a meeting with our new friend for the following weekend! And she added, "Ask him if he has a friend he can bring with him!" WOW!! It's all set up again for this weekend. Our friend isn't bringing one friend, he's bringing TWO!!

Thanks again, Janet. I'm convinced if it wasn't for your great videos, this fantasy NEVER would have become a reality. Now, I have to go buy a video camera. I want to record this upcoming event forever!


Hi Janet!

I watched the latest video you made with Damon (JV-024: "Damon Cums Again"). That had to be the BEST sex I have ever seen! I enjoyed it immensely. I was very impressed with the whole video. You looked so beautiful in the white lingerie and those stockings! Lovely.

I thought the way you and Damon had sex was incredible! You weren't kidding when you said he gave you a very HARD pounding. I loved your video with Lo-Down, too, but I think you and Damon are even better together. You guys seem to have a wonderful chemistry. I can only imagine how good you two must have felt during the fucking. I know I enjoyed watching on video! :-)
I'm a happy guy because this video had the things I especially enjoy - passionate kissing, very intense sex, toe-sucking, and, of course, the standing position for fucking. It was amazing seeing you bounce on Damon during that standing scene. Certainly a sight to see! During the scene, you were making sounds ofg pleasure I had not heard you make before, haha. I really wonder what the people in the room next-door were thinking!

Thanks again!


To anyone and everyone who has EVER gotten ripped-off by an internet scam...understand this: JanetVids is absolutely the highest quality site in Porn-dom today! Not just in quality of materials presented, but also in customer service, relations and integrity. I bought a video from Janet about a month ago which I had a small problem with (the issue surrounding the video itself is not important), and with no hesitation whatsoever, Janet contacted me, provided a remedy ABOVE and BEYOND what was called for, and affirmed her committment to the happiness of all her customers... Man, you just can't get customer care like that ANYWHERE these days! Rest assured, on payday... I'll be back - lolol!



Dear Janet,

I have just received your latest video, JV-024: "Damon Cums Again", and I must say, that was one of the hottest videos I have ever are not only beautiful and sweet, but one of the sexiest women I have ever seen!!! You have the most gorgeous body, great legs, perfect butt, and your breasts are so incredible... And you have a pretty face, and a great smile, and your voice is so cute!!!!!! Wow, perfection without a doubt!!! You are one of the sexiest moms I have ever seen!!! And ther HOTTEST!!!! I was so horny watching you get fucked hard by Damon, you were so hot!!! I wish I had been in his place!!! Now that would be wonderful!!! MMMMMMMM

Thanks again for the hot video, that was my first from you but I will definitely be buying more to see you in action!!! Your videos are the best I have seen!!! Keep those hot videos coming!!! You have an admirer here now!!! I am looking forward to the next one!!!


Boston, MA 09/07/01

Hi Janet,

Just received my first tape order from you (JV-IR02, your second Interracial Combo Tape)and it was fantastic! It is so unusual to see a film that is realistic and where everyone truly is enjoying the time they are having. It easily is one of the top adult films I have ever seen! I will now be ordering more tapes shortly.


Hi Janet & Steve,

You guys have set new standards with the Bukkake tape! It was everything you presented it to be and all we hoped for. Verbally, it was not only hot to listen to janet begging for the cum, but to hear Steve comments and encouragement as he video taped his lovely wife eating load after load of cum was especially hot. The cum-eating from the blue plate scene was very hot and it is so obvious that you are a first class cum-eating slut. I like the part where you need to stop for a drink of wine and hold the glass out inviting anyone to cum in the glass. I am sure that had you not drained so many in the room already, someone would have provided you with a cum cocktail. I sure would have!

Janet and Steve, this video deserves all the good reviews it has received.

D & V

Hi Janet,

I just watched "Cum-Crazed, Vol. 1: 10-Man Bukkake Facial Blowout". It was INCREDIBLE! I felt like I was right there. Had to break out the Windex to wipe down the TV! Will there be a Volume 2? Please say yes!!



I just received and watched your video three with the two young & hung black guys in the hotel (JV-022). You are the hottest fucking woman I've EVER seen on video. Put me in line to meet you and make a video with you!



From the day I first stumbled across your site a few months ago I have been entranced with your beauty and just how hot you look while having wild sex...well, I just got done viewing your new Bukkake video (JV-023) and I can only say that that was one of the hottest things I ever saw in my life! It was apparent you were having fun, and I loved it. I hope to see more of this type or whatever else you want to show and produce in the future. I can tell I'll be reordering this video soon because I will be wearing this copy out! Great job and the camera work by Steve was well done also. You made my day and probably the rest of my month!


Hi Janet,

We just got your video JV-021: "Legs & Heels, Vol. 1 - After A Hard Day's Work..." and we have to say that it was GREAT. I think you are so beautiful and sexy. My wife says that same thing, too. We both want to thank you for such a wonderful experience you gave us.

We watched the video together and by the time it was done we were in bed banging away. In a world where so many people are so uptight at least there is you. Thanks again!

Barbara and Art

Hi Janet,

I know your time is precious but I had to write and say thank you. I recently ordered some of your videos for the first time. Someone posted information about your videos at a hotwife forum and others chimed in about other "wives" doing these types of videos. I was very impressed by your looks, the sincerity of your personality, and definitely the way you seem to enjoy yourself.

I would like to express my thanks to Steve as well for the terrific camera work. I truly envy him for having such a hot wife like you. He's a very lucky man. The qaulity of the video was superb, something I can't say for the other videos I ordered from another site. I instantly became a fan and hope you keep up the great work and let us enjoy watching you!


Hi Janet,

I recently received my first video order from you (your Interracial Combo #2 and Solo Play, Vol. 1) and let me tell you that was the finest sex I have ever seen on ANY adult video in my lifetime! You are an incredibly gorgeous woman who knows how to use her body and I liked being "up close" to that action. I just could not believe how great all of you looked. Damn!

With pro porn stars I just could care less. They don't have a clue how to make a video that even comes close to yours. I cannot overstate how much I love the vids, I know I will watch them often and dream about what I would do with you if I had a chance. You REALLY turned me on. And you will over and over again.

You are a woman who just oozes sexuality, and I love that body of yours and the way you use it. Your husband and the guys in your videos are damn lucky!


Dear Janet,

I just received your video JV-022 "College Cock, Vol. 6 - Double Pumped On Spring Break" and I'm watching it right now. I must say you are the sexiest woman on the planet. Watching you take on two big-dicked black studs at once is the most erotic thing I have ever seen! You have the most beautiful cunt and asshole in the world! Watching you truly enjoy the black cock is so arousing! Your husband is my idol! I thank him a million times for fulfilling every white mans' fantasy of seeing his wife getting (and thoroughly enjoying) black cocks!

Anyway, I won't bore you with any more of how I'd like to do you as I know you probably get a million of these kind of emails every day, but I just wanted to tell you I'm an avid fan and I will be ordering more of your videos right away. Thanks for being so REAL! I'd much rather watch someone like you who truly enjoys what you do instead of some contrived "package porn" where the stars are so obviously only doing it for the money. Kudos to Steve. I'd love to be married to a gal like you who can be honest about her sexuality. Lord knows, you've given me incredible enjoyment just watching you and visiting you fantastic web site!



This is for your Testimonials page, from a European customer:

I had looked at your site a number of times, but as is the case with most adult sites I was skeptical about what one would get. I finally ordered 6 of your videos on VCD format after numerous email inquiries which were all answered very politely and very promptly actually immediately - got the time difference right.

I received the VCDs 6 days later which for US to Europe is absolutely brilliant, they were discretely packaged as promised. At first I thought I had a problem with 3 of the VCD's, and upon writing to you about this, you immediately offered to swap them for a PAL tapes, which was First Class customer service. You also referred me to your FAQ page on VCD's, which solved the problem - the VCDs weren't defective after all. Thank you!

I have only watched some of them to date, but have to say these are the HOTTEST amateur adult videos I have ever seen, and so natural and real - you have earned yourself a new fan both for your excellent customer service, and your excellent product. I will be awaiting new releases with baited breath!



I had written to you before, saying that you looked a lot like my girlfriend, J***! That was before I ordered your videos. Darling, ...your vids are every bit as hot as you are! Now that I've had your videos for about 4 months, I find that every time I watch them, they never fail to totally amaze, captivate me, and turn me on. You are truly a sensual, real woman that enjoys sex every bit as much as most men do. Thank God there are a few of you out there!

Unlike other adult videos that use wanna-be porn actresses for their movies, yours are genuine and of the moment. I have not shared your vids with my girlfriend yet, but I will when the time is right. I told her that I have them but that I was saving them for a special love session. They are much too hot to waste! She is also a very beautiful, sexual Lady and I'm sure she will find them just as stimulating as I do. I am looking forward to your latest video! Which I will be ordering soon! You are an absolute Doll! ...I am totally in lust with you!



The interracial combination video I ordered is very hot. You truly do LOVE big cock. No acting here, be forced or pushed by your hubby! You are a very hot lady and I can see why Steve likes for you to enjoy yourself with some big dicks. I had a perpetual hard-on and had to keep whacking off through the entire video. I love at the end when Mr. Big is fucking the hell out of you and you ask him several times to come on your face. (I am getting excited as I write this to you!) I also love the face shots of you enjoying yourself and telling your partner to fuck you. (I have a fantasy of you going down a long line of men blowing them and getting on top of them making each one come a full wad into you!) It is very exciting when you are on top kissing and fucking large cocks.

I could go on forever on how excited you make me but I am starting to shake just thinking about your pretty face enjoying a rigorous fuck. I look forward to more videos of you. I now must order some of your panties I can wrap around my dick while I am whacking off watching you!

Your very turned on fan,


Dear Janet,

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your video JV-004. It is the only one that I have ever purchased from you so far but I intend to purchase more. Let me tell you what I like about it. First of all, you are so very pretty and sensual. Unlike the fake slutty types on other videos, you are innocent and caring. You truly love your black men and you truly worship their cocks. I just love how pretty and petite you are and how natural of a person you are. Your videos are filmed with excellent quality. And Mr. Big has the best uncircumcised cock I have ever seen (if I may say that). I will buy all your videos that have him in them just because of his cock, and how you obviously get turned on by it!

Janet, I just want to say, that I have not yet seen you in your newest video (JV-020), so I have not seen your "new look" yet. But you are already the most beautiful woman in pro OR amateur interracial video that I have ever found. Your beauty and the genuine love that you show is what is sooooo incredibly sexy about your videos. I can hardly watch you in action for 10 minutes without cumming. Thank you and I look forward to future videos. You're the best!


Dear Mrs. Mason,

I received my tape on Saturday and let me say WOW!!! I loved it. It was a welcome change from the "moan for money" starlets that I see at the local porn emporium. It was such a turn-on to see a white soccer mom hungry for big dicks. This tape is so good that it will stay in my collection for a very long time. In fact, I won't let anyone borrow it. I'll tease them by showing them the beginning and then stop the tape. They'll beg to watch more but I'll tell them "Hell no, buy the tape at!". It was definitely worth the price.

If you folks are ever on Oahu, contact me. I'll give you a personal tour of the island. You don't have to worry about me. As much as I'm proud of my manhood, I am nowhere near the size of the guys you prefer. I just want to kiss the hand of the woman who made me have 3 orgasms just watching 1 video tape. It normally takes me about 2 rented tapes for 1 orgasm!


Hi Janet,

Just received your new video with Damon (JV-020), and you're GORGEOUS in it. I can't wait until he comes back for the nextr video and we see more action!



I just finished watching your first anal video (JV-015 - My Masseur's Anal Surprise) for the third time straight! Once again, I'm at a loss for words. You are without a doubt one of the sexiest, sweetest women alive. Steve has to be one of the luckiest men in the world to be married to such an angel (and devil!). It's obvious that your videos are not "just another porn production"; the passion you bring to the screen is obviously real. To be honest, I'm never sure whether it's you or your lover who is enjoying things more (God, I wish I were Mark)! In any event, I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for a truly quality production; please keep up the good work for the years to come.


Hi Janet,

I have seen many videos and movies with many different actors/actresses. But, I have to say you are THE BEST. I feel really lucky and fortunate to have located your site. You are SO natural and genuine. Very refreshing from the very fake and predictable products that are out there. I hope you don't stop anytime soon!

M. H.

Hi Janet,

I just watched 3 of your videos (JV-002, JV-003 & JV-004), which was my first order from you. Your energy is the end of each session, you seem ready for more! You seem even more vital and far more beautiful after such pounding sex. I could not get up from my chair as I watched you in action...I was numb, and tingled in every extremity...I can't wait to see more!!!


Dear Janet,

I just finished watching both of your interracial combo tapes, and they were the best amateur videos I've ever seen! You are truly beautiful, and that slender innocent beauty matches so naturally with the young hot black studs in your videos it really is perfection.

Your videos are so great because not only are you a sexy white soccer mom, but the studs you hook up with are ALL well-hung and well-built (no fat or soft-and-mushy guys with little cocks, for a change), making for the ultimate in viewing pleasure. I thought I was going to explode when the young ball player in JV-009 started to bury his massive cock in your ass, I can see why you couldn't take his huge manhood up your tigh white ass for long, but it was a good try and a great place to start. I hope that you can make some videos in the future where one of your black studs works your ass until it opens and then it begins to feel good for you.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how tight I thought your videos were and that I look forward to buying your next interracial video when it becomes available.


Dear Janet,

I just came home and found your video in my mailbox. This is just awesome...and order to delivery from the US to Germany in 5 days! No customs problems at all, ultraspeedy delivery in a box you would NEVER expect to contain material as HOT as it is.

Having worked in e-commerce with a very large multinational media corporation (one of their bread and butter businesses is selling videos on the web), I can assure you that you just achieved 100% customer satisfaction within a perfect service level! Wow!

You are awesome and a I am a very happy customer!

Greetings from Germany,

Hi Janet,

I recently ordered my first video from you (one of your fetish videos..."Hosiery Heaven, Vol. 1- Pathyhose Playtime"), and here are my thoughts - the tape was great! Just like Siskel and Ebert, you get the double thumbs up.

I have a small video collection from other various vendors that focus in on the stocking foot/shoe fetish market. I'd say this tape of yours ranks the HIGHEST on my list. Why??
Because it's unique in the way that you have an intro (i.e. the medley of preview scenes set to music before the video starts), and because I can honestly say this is the first time I've seen a tape in this genre where the main girl actually TALKS to her targeted audience. Then again, it should not be a surprise because you like to tease in the broad sense of the word! The action is very important, of course, but your seductive talk is the icing on the cake. It's VERY refreshing. Please continue that process!

All the scenes were great. My personal favorite: The one beginning with the business attire. I don't know if I'd be able to concentrate if I worked with you and the last scene entertaining yourself! Keep up the good work and let the imaginative/teasing side of you continue to grow.


Hi Janet,

I got two of your videos a while back and wanted to take the time to write my compliments.

You are so beautiful and sensuous, and together with your young black friend Mr. Big (in several of your College Cock series videos) you make for VERY erotic viewing. The contrast between your whiteness and his dark blackness, the shots of your hand not being able to wrap itself around Mr. Big's HUGE cock, and the natural, unrehearsed quality of the sex, along with your husband's EXCELLENT videography, all combine to make for outstanding entertainment.

I now consider myself a fan, and I will definitely be buying more of your videos!

As for your recent breast augmentation, the photos posted in your "what's new" section look great. If you're happy with your new (former) boobs, then that's all that matters. More power to you, gorgeous!

A loyal fan,

Dear Janet,

Just wanted to "thank you' for helping me finally fulfill a fantasy I have for 27 years. My wife and I have been married for 27yrs and I have been actively trying to talk her into interracial sex for the past 10 yrs. She would never consider it and didn't want to talk about it until last summer. I started showing her your web site and a couple of your videos which was the FIRST interracial web site which she was NOT offended by with ridiculous, impossible claims and such.

Well, last night, 16 FEB 01, because of YOU and your videos, she fucked her first man besides me and he was black. Wow! What excitement for me as she sucked and fucked him. She spent several hours with him as I watched and she even went bareback (which she was planning not to do). After the event, she and I went for a midnight meal and she openly admitted that you were the reason she finally agreed to fuck a black man.

She said that you were the first "real" person that she believed did the things I have been talking about for 10 yrs. She said you reminded her of herself in many ways, the 'neighbor next door'...she is a 'Church member', community social organizer' etc ... and she gave in.

Thank you very much, I am very excited about this event. My wife was a very different person after the event and this morning she is still smiling and laughing about her first interracial fuck. From our conversation last night, she may be willing to try multiple black men in the future. My wife is 45yrs old, 5', 130lb, blonde hair, brown eyes.

Thank you for being who you are and for your "No B.S." site and videos! Steve.

Hi Janet,

I just wanted to say a few words. I've just seen one of your videos and it is AWESOME! You are a breath of fresh air in the porn world and a REAL girl next door type who I think represents the vast majority of women. Yes I think most women have that potential. I'm tired of seeing tattooed, drugged out, freaky women in porn! Hopefully the internet will continue to educate the world on sex as well as other things and we can see more "Janets" are my type of woman! Steve must be an awesome guy.

Good luck!

Fred S.


Unlike the other messages in this section which are written to Janet, this one is written to YOU the prospective buyer, as I was once was myself.

I recently received my copy of Interracial Combo Tape #2 (JV-IR02) from Janet, which was speedly dispatched in very discrete packaging which avoided customs problems.

The tape I bought is 3 complete videos in 1 and offers the best value featuring Janet with Mr. Big, a bodybuilder and a very young college guy and yes, all were black all were hung HUGE. The video quality is very good, I would guess shot on DV format , the scenes were well lit with good camerawork with the occasional rye comment from the cameraman (her hubby) at the right times. Mr. Big is VERY big indeed, at least 10 TRUE inches or more I would guess, and he has no trouble making Janet VERY wet in a short time. In should mention that Janet kisses her black lovers with such intimacy the likes of which I have NEVER seen before in any adult video, amateur or pro...this is for sure an amateur wife who enjoys her work!

I could go on to describe the fuck scenes, but I must stop now. All I can say is that I have been watching interracial porno videos for over twenty years and this girl is refreshingly different from the over-produced mainstream, her very numerous orgasms are both REAL and LOUD, and she is has a truly inexhaustible appetite for huge black cock. You will certainly enjoy her work as much as I do.

Please keep up the great work, Janet!

Maidstone, Kent, U.K.

Dear Janet,

I recently ordered your JV-014 video. It was very good! It's absolutely one of the best amateur videos I've seen! Your are doing excellent job! I like also the interaction between you and your husband. The prices of the videos and post expenses are reasonable and the delivery is very quick even to my country, Finland!

Regards from icily cold Finland to both of you!

Joensuu, Finland


I recently ordered your first interracial combo. It was SO hot compared to any other amateur tape I've seen that as soon as I finished watching it (and cleaned up the mess I made!) I ordered your second interracial combo and ALL of your other videos at once! Let me just say that I was not disappointed and that if anything you get hotter and wilder with each new video. And Steve keeps getting better with his camera, too! Your editing work is the best I've ever seen, hands-down, and the picture/sound quality is so far above most amateur stuff that there really is no comparison.

But most of all Janet there is you and your unbridled sensuality. It's so rare to see a woman who is not being pushed into this at all but who also ISN'T into the silly cuckold scene. I love the interaction between you and Steve on most of your vids and it's obvious that you two truly love each other...that's what makes how SLUTTY you get with these guys so much more hot! You are truly an inspiration to my wife and I and thanks to you we have decided to stop just fantasizing about swinging and to start DOING it. Wish us luck!

Love ya, Rick G.
Phoenix, AZ

Dear Janet,

Just wanted to let you know we LOVE your videos. We are a MWC who have been into viewing interracial videos for years now and yours are superb. Tastefully done, great picture/sound clarity & of course you, Janet, are UNREAL in your videos. We have a great collection of tapes from all kinds of people, but yours are on the very top of our list.

R & G
Charleston, SC

Hi Janet,

How are you sweetie? I received one of your tapes with "Mr. Big" tape the other day. I have watched it twice in its entirety. You are a natural at what you do!! I have been watching xxx porn videos for as long back as I can remember, and you are more natural at it than many top name porn stars, because when I watch you, it doesn't look like you are acting AT ALL, it looks as if I was peeking through your window, and watching a totally natural sex act!!

Watching that huge male member sliding in and out of your tender, petite body is absolutely awesome!! You have a beautiful, and sexy little body, that was born to be loved and caressed!! It must be wonderful to feel your soft flat stomach, and to feel your hot body pulse when you are having an orgasm!!

You are sweet Janet, and I want you to know that their are fans out here in TV Land that really do love you, and think about you all the time!!! I hope I can meet you sometime, just to kiss your hand.. :) Love, and always, always your friend!!!

Amityville, NY

Dear Janet,

First off let me just say Janet that you are by far and away the most beautiful woman ever to do an adult video (both pro and amateur). You have one incredibly gorgeous figure and a great pair of legs. In short Janet you are from head to toe total perfection!!!

Now on to the videos. I got JV-003 & JV-007 and they are flat out the BEST interracial creampie videos that I have ever seen. The one major thing that sets your videos apart from your competition is the raw animal passion that comes through in your love making. YOU ACTUALLY ENJOY MAKING LOVE ON CAMERA!!!

Of the two videos JV-003 was sooooo hot I had to take a break to cool off. The site of you in those sexy platform shoes and on top of Mr. Big riding his huge horse cock to a creamy climax caused me to shoot a hot load of cum clear across to the other side of the room!!! Also the deep passionate French kissing in both videos was a total turn-on. That's one important thing that's missing big time in most adult videos - kissing, especially the way you do it and obviously enjoy it.

What a revelation: A white woman with a beautiful face, a gorgeous body and a very hairy pussy, who does super red hot interracial creampie videos...I am hooked for life!!! Janet, as long as you keep making love to Mr. Big I'll keep buying your videos. Thanks for making the BEST interracial videos on the planet!!!

Youngstown, OH

Dear Janet,

I just watched the first video I purchased from your site (JV-008) and I was blown away!

First, let me say that you are a very beautiful and super sexy woman! What a fantastic ass! When your black lover was giving it to you from behind, with his big black hands on that creamy ass of your I nearly lost my mind! And your husband was correct, you look great in those black thigh high stockings!

I loved everything about the tape. I loved the was you made that young bodybuilder stud sweat so much that his skin was shining. I LOVE the way you sucked his big heavy balls! I love the way your husband was right there watching and that I could hear his comments, I nearly came in my pants when you would make eye contact with him!

What a great cum shot! Loved seeing your little hands, complete with your wedding ring, wrapped around his big cock as you jacked him off. You seemed to like the taste when you finally got that hot load of cum! Having your husband talk to you as you liked him clean was a great ending to a great tape!

Freeport, NY

Dear Janet,

I purchased your Interracial Combo Tapes #1 and #2 and I wanted to give you my feedback. I just finished watching one of them and I must say it was by FAR the best amateur tape I've EVER seen. It may even be the best x-rated tape I've ever seen, period (including "pro" tapes)...but even if not, it is certainly my current favorite! BTW, I run an adult video site myself at, so I know what I'm talking about and I have a lot to compare your stuff to!

The best thing about it is the reality and immediacy of the sex. Clearly you and your partners are having a great time and you're not faking anything. Usually, in a commercial sex tape, the entire act or acts are staged, with appropriate posturing and, of course you see alot of the same sorts of things all the time. In a truly amateur tape you often find bad lighting, unpleasant looking people or a lot of "hump hump hump" without much ancillary action. Your tape, however, was entirely refreshing and different in every way. The lighting was excellent, the camera work superb and best of all, you, are a wonder! Just the fresh, honest look on your face and your candid and relaxed attitude complete a total package that is truly unique.

Anyone who is looking for a great amateur sex tape, with a real woman and nice looking men having a truly good time in a totally real, un-staged environment should order one or more of your tapes today! Best of luck and PLEASE make some new ones soon!

Los Angeles, CA

Hi Janet,

Your first interracial video combo tape (JV-IR01) is excellent! Amateur video should always be this great. I have to applaud you and, in particular, Mr. Big on truly memorable performances. You also operate the business end of things with the utmost professionalism and integrity. Your husband Steve's camera work is also commendable as is the post production.

You are clearly a woman who enjoys the opportunity to indulge in a exceptionally large cock. And witnessing your REAL orgasms on the video are a refreshing change from par fare from the pro market. You have a body that was built to fuck, and you do just that with the right enthusiasm....and you also know how to suck and stroke man-meat so well.

All the best in the future. Keep fucking those huge cocks and sharing the experience with the rest of us!

Southern CA

Dear Janet,

I ordered both Interracial Combo tapes (JV-IR01 and JV-IR02) after seeing pictures and a few very short clips. I have a very extensive collection of video's and I must say yours are ABSOLUTELY the far! I know the CAVR review ratings for your tapes are damned good, but if they are rating your movies in comparison to other amateurs, then I want to see any that have scored higher! I have never seen an amateur video that even comes close to Janet. Beautiful, petite, huge black cocks, redhead, slut talk, cream pies, facials, and YOU KNOW Janet loves it all. The other amateurs I have seen look like they are being prodded into acting like they are having a good time. By the way....we are into the lifestyle and my wife loves you too.

Columbia, SC

Dear Janet and Steve,

I just wanted to say that the video's that I purchased from you at were the best I've ever seen...and I've seen a lot. I found out about you in the Usenet group. You had posted some pictures there that I downloaded. I don't think it took me more than two seconds to decide to buy some of your video's once I viewed the first picture. In fact I remember saying to myself, "She's got my business!" and then directing my web browser directly to your web site.

Now about those video's. A friend of mine and I joke about being the "Siskle and Ebert" of adult videos and we just gave you an enthusiastic "Two Dicks Up". Extremely erotic and exciting to watch. There are no words that can give your video's justice. You have the most unique video production I've ever come across. Janet is so beautiful and sexy it's hard not to fall in love with her.

Quality was given an A+. The picture and audio were so clear that I almost thought I was there.

I'd be failing not to write about your customer service. It's outstanding! I was delighted to have my order in hand 3 days after I placed it. Also thanks for being so quick to respond to my questions when I e-mailed you. To receive a response directly from Janet a half hour later was quite a surprise. Especially since I e-mailed you on a Friday evening. Your willingness to correct a problem (which, by the way, turned out not to be a problem at all) made me feel secure in doing business with you. I look forward to purchasing your other video's and any future video's that you make.


Dave Herman

I received your JV-004 and JV-008 tapes about two weeks ago and I must say I have not stopped watching them since. Strangely, my JV-004 tape was stolen by a friend who I guess loved the video as much as I did. But now that gives me a reason to order the video set anyway. So you'll be hearing from me. This is absolutely the BEST I have seen! I look forward to any new videos because I know they will be good. You are awesome. The only complaint I have is I wish they were longer...I don't want them to ever end!

Love Ya,


Hello Janet,

I'm overdue in telling you how much I like your videos. I recently received your Interracial Combo Tape #2 (JV-002) and was completely blown away. They are some of the most excitingly erotic videos I have yet seen. Of course, you look incredibly good in all of them but, the best part, the most erotic part is the attitude you bring to the tapes. In each of them, you appear to be greatly enjoying yourself and passionately giving yourself to your partner. It is a great thrill to watch you express yourself so erotically and to see the obvious excitement you get from your young partners.

Thanks for sharing yourself with your fans and I look forward to seeing more!

Best Regards,

How Refreshing!

Just wanted to complement you, Janet, on both your content and customer service. My wife and I just love your videos!!! And the speed with which both delivery and a very minor subsequent customer service issue were handled pleased us both very much. It is unusual to receive such prompt, individual care. Thank you Janet. We willbe doing additional business in the future.

A happy couple in Wisconsin

Dear Janet,

I recently received JV-007. You have a beautiful body. Your legs and your bottom are absolutely perfect. But what makes you so sexy is your sweet angel face. There is something very sincere about your face and that is so refreshing. I am left pretty cold by women who look jaded and cynical. It is a real turn off.


Dear Janet,

You may add this to your testimonials.

This is a truly honest site. Have no fear. Everything is as she says. Better yet! I had extremely good dealings with Janet. Don't hesitate to email her and ask questions. She's responsive and keeps her customers happy. Good business sense too.

Thanks again,


Just wanted to take time to tell you that I had a chance to view your video JV-008 "Getting Down With Lo-Down", and I must say that was one HELL of a video! I have purchased many tapes from other people but nothing compares to yours. I will have to purchase more of your videos more often. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more of you soon!!!

Thanks again,


I have ordered a lot of IR-movies from the US in the past, but your tapes are definitely the hottest so far. Great action, great camera, and a GREAT ACTRESS! You are so attractive, Janet!!! Keep me definitely informed about new releases, please. I will order them straight away. We will definitely stay in touch!


Berlin, Germany

Hi Janet,

Wow! Where do I start? I ordered your two interracial combo videos recently and was very impressed. From the quick delivery to the professional-looking opening title and credits to the clever use of black and white images, the production is head and shoulders above most in the amateur genre. I say this having a large amateur interracial collection of a number of women. In some cases, the videos are not produced with much thought and it shows. Your videos are really nicely done, and it's appreciated. Thanks to Steve for the great camera angles so we can see you in your "element" as he says. He and I must have the same idea of what looks good on tape because there were several times when you were sucking or fucking in a particular position and I said to myself, "That's really fuckin' hot!" Almost right after I said it, I'd hear him say how good it looked.

So much for the technical stuff, let's get to why the videos are made in the first place. Jungle fever. Plain and simple. An incredibly beautiful, sexy white woman getting fucked by really well-hung, younger black guys. Is anything hotter? I absolutely love the black platforms you're wearing in College Cock, Vol. 1. They make you look like a nasty, little, black cock slut, especially when you're on your knees hungrily sucking a big, black dick. I also like to see you kissing your black studs and College Cock, Vol. 3 is terrific for that. The "upside down" 69 action in "Getting Down With Lo-Down" is guaranteed to wear out the rewind and slow motion buttons on the VCR remote. You two look really good together, so please do more videos with him. His muscularity makes you look even more petite and adds to the contrast. One of the best scenes of all was "D" fucking you from behind and nearly lifting you off your feet in College Cock, Vol. 4. You look so cute and tiny as he plows your white pussy with his long, thick black cock. It was every bit as good as advertised.

Thanks again,


Hey Janet! Got your JV-002 tape about a week ago and have had a hard-on ever since. Great stuff, girl! When your black lover mounted you on the floor and started humping, I half expected to see his huge dick pop out your mouth. I plan on purchasing more of your vids in the near future. Your hubby has good eye with the camera also. You are now my FAVORITE internet video slut. Well, take care and keep the porno cumming!


Dear Janet,

I just finished watching your second combo tape and I had to tell you I loved it. You are arguably the sexiest woman I have ever seen. It is not just the way you look, but everything about you. It is the way you carry yourself, your smile, the sounds you make. God, you are beautiful. Your hubby is a very lucky man!

hello....janet and steve.....i received my order from you mailed to me on 6/15/00....thanks for everything.....i viewed it this morning.....and ....WOW.....unbelievable.......the best i have ever seen......amateur interracial at its best....the scenes ....the music....the camera angles....the clearness of the picture ....the conversations...and of course....the beauty of janet...and the huge black guy....unbelievable....please make more with him...especially when you get on top and ride him to a creampie....thanks again for this very enjoyable experience...


Janet hello. I just received my copies of JV-IR02 and JV-HF01. They were excellent!! You just get better and better in each video. The shots were great and the lighting, et al., were top quality. You have to be the most beautiful woman in amateur videos today without a doubt!! Keep it natural!!



You were right, your tapes did make for a good weekend. I am quite impressed! I have bought many amateur videos (interracial) and have always been bummed once I receive them. Often times the description is much more flattering of the the content that it truly is. Another thing I hate is fat-overweight guys. Often times the vidcaps try to conceal this and it pisses me off when I receive the vid.

I was really pleased with everything in your tapes. The music, conversation, lighting, people, decor, everything was top-notch.

Finally, putting the 3 tapes on one tape is a great idea. I have a closet filled of 50 tapes and I definitely don't need more.

You are starting off the millenium off on the right foot and I am anxious of the future videos that you and your husband will produce. I can't wait til my next paycheck so I can buy the rest of your videos. Nice job....Hi-5!


Got your video and took a quick run through it. Damn!! I've seen "Naughty Nina " and Rocky Mountain Amateurs, but this one is the best! No doubt! Janet is gorgeous and hot. Watch out though, I think I saw pure animal lust and black cock worship in her last vid. She really got into the action!



We just watched your videos. VERY NICE - especially because it's REAL - that's the biggest turn on. Good value for the money spent.


M. and R.

I just received your video JV-004, and all I can say is WOW!!! I have watched many Pro interracial videos but that was better than almost all of them. Janet is even hotter on video than in the pictures posted in the newsgroups! I will be ordering more in the near future.



Hi Janet and Steve.. Of course, I've fallen in love with Janet. Let me just get that out of the way. She is so precious!! I especially love her smile!

Thank you two for making these videos, they are quite enjoyable. A great touch to overall passionate sex is the "after" conversations you have with your wife, I love to hear you ask her how she feels and "honey....did you enjoy that?". This is superior stuff and it is greatly appreciated. It would be and honor indeed to make love with you, Janet. These gentlemen in your videos are very lucky! I'd just like to thank you again.



Steve and Janet, what a great tape! I can't seem to get very far into it without stopping to make my self happy. I've had a hard-on since opened the box! Thanks a bunch!


PS: Wish I could find a lady as lovely and naughty as Janet in the Phoenix area. Your a lucky guy, Steve!

Had a chance to view about 10 minutes of the first tape last night and wanted to say "thanks a million!" Everything you said in your advertisement has been extremely accurate. Janet is a fox; you're a lucky guy Steve! And you are right, she looks like the soccer mom that I see when taking my son to the pitch. Not only does she have that "girl-next-door-look", but she also exudes class and sexiness with her tasteful make-up and painted nails. The tapes I purchased from you were my first foray into sending away in the mail. Not knowing what I'd get, you more than made an honest pitch and sale, making me a true "believer" in such transaction. Thanks again...Steve, you're lucky man. Can't wait to see the rest of the videos!



Got the videos today (3 interracial and 1 hairy). She is really something! The hairy one is nice because she talks and shows some personality to go with that perfect body. The stills don't do justice to her boobs! I thought she was the perfect size, complexion, ass (great!!!), legs, feet, face, hair color, hairy ***** (extra points) and even her genitals are beautifully shaped. But now it is obvious that she has perfect, natural, perky boobs, too!! Even less perfect women are very sexy in many different ways but she is the closet thing to a 10 plus I've seen in my almost 64 years of lusting and leering.

Thanks for sharing!


hello.....I viewed the new video and I am writing to say ......amazing ....super....incredible......the picture was very clear ...the sound understandable....the action was great.......again ...I am saying that your videos are some of the best I have ever seen and they seem to be getting better ......that huge black guy is a big hit and I hope you make as many as possible with him.....finally....thanks again...for a wonderful enjoyment....


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