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Third-Party Video Reviews
(Updated 01/18/08 with the CAVR reviews for JV-053 & JV-054)

Cyberspace Adult Video Reviews (

The CAVR web site is an old-school review site for both amateur and pro video productions. The opinion of the reviewer is strictly objective, telling you what you will see on the video, without adding his personal opinion. You can read their full reviews of my videos by following the links below.

RAME( and Search Extreme (

RAME is the official web site of the rec.arts.movies.erotica moderated newsgroup, and Search Extreme is a brand-spanking new review database for adult video, both amateur and pro.

The individual known as "LSB" is one of the Web's best-known adult video reviewers. In addition to being one of the primary reviewers for RAME, and he is also a regular reviewer for the Adult Film Database (, which only reviews "professional", non-amateur adult films. His reviews are also now being archived at the Search Extreme site mentioned above. On top of that, LSB somehow finds time to run his own adult video review web site at

I should point out that LSB had NEVER reviewed an amateur video before until he started with mine, nor did he even want to review an amateur I consider it quite an honor that he asked to review mine! As you'll see below, my tapes are getting good marks with him, too! You can read his full reviews as found at the RAME and/or Search Extreme web sites by following the links below.

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