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I truly enjoy hearing from my fans, and I do read all of my email personally unless you have been blocked due to past abuse or harassment. However, due to the high volume of e-mail I receive on a daily basis, I am not be able to respond to each and every note. In order to increase the chances of a personal reply from me, please note the following before you write...

  • GENERAL QUESTIONS. The overwhelming majority of frequently asked questions about about me, my site and my videos are answered in detail on the FAQ and About Me pages, so please read these before writing. I will not be able to answer general questions via e-mail that I've already clearly answered in detail right here on the site.
  • BEING IN A VIDEO OR PHOTO SHOOT WITH ME. If you're interested in being in a shoot with me for my site, please click here to read the info on what's involved and required before contacting me. Be sure to read it carefully...everything I've written is there for a reason and nothing is open to debate, negotiation or exceptions of any kind. I will not reply to emails asking questions I've already answered on this subject.
  • ASKING FOR MORE FREE STUFF. Simply put, don't bother. There is more than enough free content on the site and other places online to let any serious, rational person discern whether or not he or she wants to join as a member in order to see more. I do not e-mail or otherwise provide access to any "extra" free stuff to anyone for any reason.
  • SENDING ME PHOTOS. If it's not really you or if it's you 10 years and 20 pounds ago, don't bother. I receive photos every day, all year from guys who send me pictures of, um, "themselves" that are either seriously touched-up, stolen off web sites, lifted from pro or amateur adult videos, scans from magazines or any number of other silly things that are deliberately intended to be deceitful. Helpful Hint - I wasn't born yesterday, guys. There's not a single adolescent prank you can dream up that countless legions of other dorks haven't already tried and which I haven't already seen or heard a thousand times now. As such, if you choose to send me a note with a photo that even remotely looks bogus or which I've seen elsewhere, your message will be deleted immediately, as if it never existed.
  • SENDING ME STORIES. Please do not send me unsolicited erotio stories to read or critique. I'm sorry, but I simply don't have the time to read them.
  • ABUSE. Sending me abusive e-mail is an exercise in absolute futility. This includes messages that are harassing, racist, sexist, religiously intolerant or any other form of "hate mail". I do not read them in full nor do I respond to them in any way. Instead, they are immediately and without exception reported to the sender's e-mail provider, and all future e-mail from the sender is permanently blocked. As such, their net effect is simply null and void. (They do, however, usually elicit a good chuckle at their stunning lack of originality and sheer pointlessness.) As such, send one only if you very seriously enjoy wasting your own time and energy and if you get a lot of satisfaction in knowing that you're being completely ignored.

That pretty much covers everything. Thanks in advance for respecting my time! My address is

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