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You can find much more detailed information about me on my FAQ page, but here are the "basics"...

  • Online Since: April 1998.

  • Location: Ft. Lauderdale/Miami, FL and Las Vegas, NV .

  • Birthday: April 8th.

  • Marital Status: Happily married since 1990, with children. My husband, Steve, is my webmaster & cameraman, and we run the site together as a team.

  • Sexual Orientation: I'm very definitley bi, but men will always be my first gender of choice.

  • Height: 5' 3"

  • Weight: Varies between 110-125 lbs.

  • Bust-Waist-Hips: 32DD / 34D

  • Hair: Red prior to 2013, Brunette as of early 2013.

  • Eyes: Blue

  • Shoe Size: 4 1/2

  • Dress Size: 0 or 2, depending on the dress.

  • Sexual Turn-On's:

    • Buff Bodies. Men & women who take excellent care of themselves and are very trim, lean & physically fit. Washboard abs, cut pecs and a tight/hard butt on a man make me hot. Ditto for a woman as long as she's still feminine and pretty.

    • Smooth Skin. I prefer men with little-to-no body hair except for a well-trimmed pubic bush. A smooth chest makes me hot, and I especially love clean-shaven balls. Hairy backs or shoulders are instant deal-breakers.

    • Big Dicks. The bigger the better, both in length and thickness. I don't pretend to speak for other women but for me, size does matter, both physically and mentally. A set of large, low-hanging balls is a nice bonus, too!

    • Cum. Many women say they love it but you can tell they really don't. Well, I love everything about cum...the sight of it, the smell, the taste, the texture, you name it. Almost nothing turns me on more than a really huge load of cum, especially watching it spurt out of a hard cock. I also love being jacked off onto and having my face, tits and body covered in cum from head to toe. And having my pussy so full of it that it sloshes around and gushes out of me is best of all. I'd have to say that cum is my #1 kink, period.

    • Hunky Black Men. Not just "any" average black man, mind you. Dark-skinned, physically fit, sexually aggressive and well-hung black men make me hot. The darker, the more fit & trim and especially the more well-hung, the sexier.

    • Exotic Black Women. As with black men above, not just "any" black woman. Dark-skinned, physically fit, sexually aggressive, beautiful and feminine black women make me hot. The darker, the more exotic-looking and the more physically fit, the sexier. I'd jump into bed with an Angela Bassett or Janet Jackson type of woman in a heartbeat, swooning.

    • Younger Men. I have a real weakness for smooth-faced, cute & energetic, much-younger (meaning ages 18 to late 20's) white and black guys with trim, super-lean bodies and the older I get, the more I enjoy them. I enjoy acting as the "teacher" with them in bed, and God knows the sexual stamina of guys that age is nothing short of amazing. Factor in their hard, youthful bodies and the endless gobs of cum they produce and I'm a happy woman!

    • Clean-Cut Appearance. Regardless of his age or whether he's white or black, I like the super-clean, square-jawed, "All American" look on a "attitude", no facial hair, little-to-no-tattoos, no body piercings and no long or wild hair. I also like men who know how to dress appropriately for any occasion in a sharp but not flashy manner.

    • Getting Rimmed. Having my asshole licked, sucked and "eaten" to climax is one of my all-time favorite kinks. I always come super-hard from a good rim-job and I just can't get enough of it. Luckily for me, my husband is a true "ass man" and indulges me almost daily.

    • Handjobs. I just love to jack guys off...and I do mean love it! Milking a big, stiff cock with my tiny, well-manicured hands is one of my biggest turn-on's. I can't explain it, really, but it's definitely a strong craving that I've had ever since I was high school and I'm into it even more now. When the cum starts spurting and I get to see it, I'm so aroused that I'm always sopping wet between my legs.

    • My Feet. Men and women both are often attracted to my petite, very feminine feet & toes...and I love having them kissed, licked, sucked, fucked and jacked off onto. I can also give a footjob that matches any handjob most men have ever experienced.

    • Tit-Fucking. There's something really nasty about having a guy straddle my chest, fuck my tits and empty his nuts all over my chest & face. I wish more guys were into this because I love it.

    Let's see...what else? Well, I work out regularly and I try to eat a healthy diet in order to maintain my weight, figure and stamina, although I'm not an uptight, holier-than-thou health food freak. I'm a life-long, dedicated non-smoker. I do drink socially but I'm not a "hard partier" and I never have been. I don't have any tattoos and I never will, but I do have a pierced belly button and quite a few ear piercings. In my leisure time I enjoy music (especially live concerts), reading, movies, traveling, good food, spending time with family and friends and of course, lots of sex! ;)

    Although people who don't know me well tend to assume from my appearance that I'm no more than an innocent little "Soccer Mom" type, those close to me - my friends, family, neighbors, employees and such - know far better. ;) Yes, it's true to a point...I am sweet-tempered and I am a classic "Soccer Mom" type, right down to the minivan or SUV I used to drive the kids around in when they were young. If you met me on the street, you'd never guess that I'd be the type to own and operate my own adult web site. Clearly, then, there's far more to me than meets the eye. As my husband, Steve, has been saying for years now... I'm just one of those women who is always full of surprises!

    For instance, despite my "good-girl" looks I've always been an exhibitionist with a strong libido and a taste for taboo, kinky sex. Ever since my early teens, I've always loved knowing that men and women are looking at and admiring me, and I get a real thrill out of exposing my body to them and having sex in front of an appreciative audience. I guess you could say I was literally born for the swinging and "hotwife" lifestyle. Fortunately, Steve is secure enough that this is not a problem for him...most guys would be far too jealous and possessive to marry a woman like that! But Steve goes the opposite way, actually encouraging me to "be who I am" and indulging me by taking me out to nightclubs in super-sexy, revealing clothes and to nude beaches and such. He enjoys showing me off and watching me strut my stuff because he knows what it does for me...and because he's as much of a voyeur as I am an exhibitionist. Talk about a perfect match! :)

    That brings us to the next topic...swinging. Steve and I have been actively involved in the so-called "swinging" lifestyle since 1995 (and Steve was in it as a single guy prior to us meeting), although we didn't "go public" with it via my web sites until 1998. Although the photos and video clips on my web site do not show anything of Steve other than his cock - and ladies, it's a big, beautiful one with an mouth-watering, perfectly circumcised head on it! - we do meet off-camera with select, attractive couples and singles, just don't get to see that on the site because Steve is always my "cameraman" and because he's not an exhibitionist like I am. Finally, please note that although I have sex with single men a lot (and always with Steve present), we are not into the so-called "wimp husband" or "cuckold" scene at all...far from it, in fact. Steve is 100% straight, assertive, handsome, well-hung and confident...he just happens to love watching me live out my kinky fantasies as much as I love being watched. There's no aspect of "husband humiliation" in anything we do, and there never will be.

    Well, that's probably more than enough for this bio page. If you still have questions about me, my site or my videos, please see my FAQ page for more detailed information!



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